I’ve contributed to and built a number of open source projects. I am mathias on Github if you’d like more up-to-date information about what I’m working on.

My Projects

  • mathias/lore: A narrative generator library in Fennel. Procedurally generated text engine.
  • mathias/dotfiles: My dotfiles collection. Reasonable defaults that I prefer.

Creative Works

Deprecated / No Longer Maintained

  • gnar: A small Hacker News-like social link sharing site on Hoplon, ClojureScript, Castra, Clojure, and HoneySQL. Built in around 8 hours to nearly feature-complete status thanks to the power of Hoplon!
  • hearst: Currently a URL normalizer library for some of my other Clojure projects; my goal is to make this a NLP tool like Python’s newspaper for ingesting articles into remembrance.
  • falcor: Metaprogrammed factory-factory in Ruby. Mostly useful as a quick way to create fixtured JSON services.
  • loudspkr: A dashboard for Bendyworks written on top of Dashing.
  • hum: A Web Audio API wrapper for ClojureScript.
  • ecstatic: a static site generator with modern Ruby tooling.
  • mathias/chording: My chording keyboard project. Firmware and plans.
  • riffraffle A simple Rails-based Ember app for running conference raffles. Extracted from snow_mobile_raffle
  • sms_my_bus: a Ruby gem to interface with Madison’s SMS My Bus API.
  • gates_of_moria: A simple adventure game to teach the player basic Ruby.
  • zoo_pass: a cute little phrase generator for non-secure things.

Open Source Contributions

In order of going further back in time: