Find naughty naughty model calls in your views

(This post is part of my blog archiving project. This post appeared on Coderwall on January 24, 2013.)

I found this really helpful in a project where almost all the views were requesting things from the database rather than letting the controller handle it.

I’ve got a couple little regexes with various levels of specificity to help you seek and destroy!

In vim with Fugitive, run:

:Ggrep "(<%|=|-).*[A-Z].*\.(find|order|where|includes|all)" app/views/

This will find places where someone is using model classes with queries in your views. This should work for both erb and haml views. You’ll probably get a few false matches (I eliminated the common ones like capitalized link titles in a link_to call, for example), but overall I was able to reduce a ton of naughty code.

If you want to catch other annoying things (like using calls), you can look for what should be classes used in views:

:Ggrep "(<%|=|-).*[A-Z].*\." app/views

If you want to be even simpler, you could just look for those ActiveRelation queries:

:Ggrep "(find|order|where|includes|all)" app/views/

These also both work from the command line (if you don’t have Fugitive in your vim yet) by replacing :Ggrep with git-grep:

git-grep "(find|order|where|includes|all)" app/views/

With these tools in your belt, you can find all those calls to the database in your views and improve your Rails app.

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