New site on Octopress and Twitter Bootstrap

Hi there. As you may have noticed, my blog is moving over to Github pages. I’ve used Octopress as a starting point, and ported a SASS version of Twitter Bootstrap to use for building the layout.

Some people called out the fact that I’m using Twitter Bootstrap on Twitter. When Twitter Bootstrap first came out, I was appalled to see so many sites turning into Twitter through Bootstrap, but I’m over it now. Bootstrap provides a GREAT grid system and makes it very fast to get a responsive layout up. Plus, I liked my Twitter profile background so much that I made this site look like it. So just deal with it.

I still have a bit of work to do to copy over my blog posts from Posterous. Jekyll provides an exporter script that I’ve tried, but it resulted in a lot of data loss. I have to decide whether I’m going to finish writing my own script (the link to which has long since been broken, so I’ve removed it.) or just export the blog posts manually, since they require a lot of HTML cleanup. (I used the Posterous WYSIWYG editor to write quite a few of those blog posts, which resulted in a ton of inline styles and weird paragraph / block elements being inserted.)

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