How Does Wisconsin Get the Job Done?

(This post is part of my blog archiving project. This post appeared on on January 25, 2010.)

The title is the question I asked myself after reading through the latest interview at I’d thought about using the Creative Commons-licensed stylesheets of (aka TheSetup) for a nicer About Me page than I currently had on this blog. After tweaking the template a little, I realized I could use Jekyll and apply this template to any content I wanted.

Instead of just post my own answers, why not interview everyone I know in the tech community here in Wisconsin? So that’s exactly what I’m doing. In the first round of interviews, we hear from Phil Gerbyshak, Ashe Dryden, and myself. The interviews can currently be viewed at

There’s more on the way, and I’ll be announcing new posts through my Twitter and on this blog. Oh, and please feel free to comment using the new Disqus commenting system!

Note September 18, 2015: The site was moved to years ago, but the links in this post were 404ing. I have updated the links above.